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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

09926.COM this statement for the site user privacy promises. 09926.COM privacy statement is improving, with the expansion of the scope of services of the site will be updated privacy statement. We welcome you to review the privacy statement.

1. The site does not open to the public or to a third party to provide a single user's registration information and users use the network service is stored in the non-disclosure of this site, except in the following circumstances:

(1) the prior express authorization of users;

(2) According to the relevant laws and regulations;

(3) In accordance with the requirements of relevant government departments;

(4) to safeguard the public interest.

2. The site may provide users with third parties related to network services, in this case, if the third party agreed to bear with this site the same responsibility to protect user privacy, the site has the right to register the user's profile etc. provided to the third party.

3. In the privacy of individual users not to disclose information under the premise of the site is entitled to analyze the entire user database and user database for commercial use.

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