US New Polaris ATVs Prices, Personal Watercraft Powersports Values

US New 2016 Polaris ACE Indy Red in Huntsville, AL ATVs Prices $7,499

  • Condition: New
  • Year: 2016
  • Make: Polaris
  • Model: ACE Indy Red
  • Category: Sport
  • Type: ATV Four Wheeler
  • Location: Huntsville, AL
  • Stock Number: N/A
  • Primary Color: Black,gray,red,white

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USA New And Used 2016 Polaris ACE Indy Red, ATVs For Sale Prices, Personal Watercraft Powersports Values

July/02/2022 Polaris ATVs for Sale Sales $7,499, 2016 Polaris ACE Indy Red in Huntsville, AL ,Total N/A,You can choose Black,gray,red,white,Brand Launch Huntsville, AL it's here, Address: Freedom Powersports Huntsville, 12401 S. Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, AL 35803,Phone call:(866) 604-4960.2016 Polaris ACE Indy Red, 2016 Polaris® ACE Indy Red Capability & Confidence To Take On Your Off-Road Adventure Trail Compliant 48" Width With a 48" width the Polaris ACE is designed to tackle tight, twisty trails and go where bigger side by sides can't go. Independent Dual A-Arm Rear Suspension A fully-independent rear suspension delivers 9.5 inches of travel for a terrain capable ride. High performance rear shocks tout easy to adjust preload capabilities so you can tailor the legendary smooth Polaris ride for any terrain. On-Demand True All Wheel Drive The best and easiest to use automatic 4x4 system out there, the AWD engages all four tires when the rear wheels slip and you need more forward traction and automatically reverts back to 2WD when you don t. High 10.25" of Ground Clearance With more ground clearance than most ATV's the Polaris ACE clears tall rocks, logs and ruts with ease. High Capacity Racks and Storage Polaris off-road vehicles have built an unprecedented reputation for work and the storage capability of the all-new Polaris ACE is no different. With an integrated front storage compartment and high-capacity cArgo box, the ACE can carry up to 360 lbs of gear for any off-road adventure. Lock & Ride® Storage Solutions Carry more cArgo with Lock & Ride® storage solutions. The easy-to-install, purpose-built Lock & Ride® Rear CArgo box offers dust-proof and weather-proof cArgo space, while the OGIO® Lock & Ride® 3-Piece Deluxe CArgo bag features multiple compartments, giving you options for gear storage. 1,500 lbs. Towing Capacity The work ethic of Polaris off-road vehicles was instilled into the heart and soul of the new Polaris ACE including the power and capability to tow loads up to 1,500 lbs. Smooth Reliable Power The powerful 32HP ProStar® engine features fuel efficient, vibration free power with internal counter balance shaft, dual overhead cams, 4 valves per cylinder and electronic fuel injection precisely deliver the fuel charge for instant, predictable throttle response. Automotive Style Controls The ACE features familiar, confidence inspiring and sporty automotive style controls. Simply jump in and go. Rider Centric Design with Security of a Cab Frame The revolutionary design of the Polaris ACE combines the nimble handling of an ATV and the security and comfort of a side-x-side in a rider centric design. The compact, comfortable, and centralized seating position connects you directly with the machine for the ultimate off-road experience. Low Center of Gravity for Stable and Responsive Ride ACE features a low center of gravity and long 61.5" wheelbase for a smooth, stable and confid

  • USA New And Used 2016 Polaris ACE Indy Red, ATVs For Sale Prices, Personal Watercraft Powersports Values
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